Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life on the road

When you have been traveling for a few years, suddenly you start to feel kind of homeless- even if you've been living in nice hotels or apartments. Sometimes your mind is blown away by the speed of impressions you swallow. 
After a while you need to admit that the highway has become your home. You can't take boundaries any longer. You feel aroused and driven by freedom and imagination.

I'm pressing the buttons of Sound System, listening to "Bass Drum" (my song), I brush my teeth with a new tooth brush (guess that's neurotic, but I need to buy a new tooth brush every week), I shower the night away and curl my wild hair. I love to feel it caressing my skin in the morning's glory. I'm making some scrambled eggs while 

I'm singing.

The morning is a bad boy, could kill me. Without music and more music I wouldn't be able to survive in this world. 

I check my e-mails and leave my room to get on the highway. Again. That's where I live. That's where I wanna die- surrounded by bass and music.

The roads, the speed,while I travel I can mind works faster and is more focused. The faster I speed up, the better my mind works.

And while the Vagabondiva is bewildering the city, I receive an unimaginable connection to the universe.

A perfect belonging to everyone and everything. 
While I usually try to live to the fullest as much as I can, during this meditative traveling I combine and find a sense in all my experiences. I understand how to turn my imagination into reality- how to make it perfect and experience it again on a higher level.

I return to my hotel, with a dry mouth. My keyboard and my mic are always by my side.

So I open the synths and the drumline I did a few days ago, and I get out a hook...easily. I feel like it's not even me who's singing. It's someone unknown who has been activated. And the story flows like a wild fantasy- into reality. 

My job is to imagine. The other personalities inside of me do the rest. The spiritual part is what I do. To open myself to the universe, and to receive (the ability to sing, dance, and create).

My new video was uploaded yesterday. I can say it's something you'll love to watch and talk about. Enchanting slavery or when a woman starts to enjoy a specific kind of submission :) All positive...

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