Thursday, February 7, 2013

Strange beauty

:-)You know if people tell me my lips are too big and why I don't leave them NATURAL,
I just smile and say:

"Honey, because it gives me Mind Blowjobs to look in the mirror;-))) and decide what I am going to be and do with my life and body.
My taste has always been different. Ok Amanda Lepore is not my style.
But Esther Canadas, Dana Hamm or Iryna Shayk.
People are scared of unatural women because they represent power and self confidence to sport their female attributes(same with make-up-----yeah guys you haaate make-up on women but then you cry:
"Oh she's so average!" 
when models show their natural faces).
 I am not talking about the insecure bulimic ones that never leave psycho therapy.
Women have the power to decide the way they look today and should take advantage of it.
Do what the hell makes you happy and 
just smile at people who project their own insecurities on you( only jealous women or insecure men).
We are the new generation of "Vagabondivas" and free to look and decide to be the way we want because we have the power to CHANGE everything.

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